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The Big Sister concept was born with the release of the Little Sister guitar. We wanted to apply the same long-lost traditional materials & techniques, which haven't been in use since the early 1960s, along with the unique chambered body design and '50s nitro finish to a bass guitar.

The guitar is made out of super-light pieces of aged mahogany, with a one-piece body and a one-piece neck. We chose a set-neck construction, a feature that is harder to build, but allows sound to travel back and forth without losing energy.

We also use traditional glues (hide glue, fish glue, urea-formaldehyde) to minimize the loss of sound frequencies.

The Big Sister is designed to offer supreme playability, rich sound and versatility. Together with its unique looks and light weight, we wanted the Big Sister to stand out and become a desirable instrument, a beautiful working tool that can fit in the toolbox of any musical genre. On stage, at home, or in the studio, the Big Sister was built to leave a mark.



There is enough acoustic tone for practising at 3am and the sound is even over the whole bass. Plugging in, it does not disappoint. The bridge pickup is bright and articulate, its volume controlled by the middle of the three control knobs like a Fender Jazz bass. The tone control is well judged to remove fret clank, and played aggressively near the bridge the Big Sister produces an energised throaty bark. Played softly, this pickup also adds a subtle feathery quality.

Soloing the neck pickup produces a bigger and rounder sound, which is as expected, with the tone control adding the option to make things more mellow. It gets dark enough for Bob Marley-type tones without ever getting truly dubby. I spent a long time rolling one volume up and the other down to alternate between these two settings, and experimenting with the tone control.

There’s a great deal of versatility here without the need to go anywhere near the amp. The ability to easily mix both pickups is the secret weapon of basses with this control layout. If you max the neck pickup and blend in a little of the bridge, the sound broadens – along with that smile that might have been forming at the corners of your mouth – as a subtle emphasis in the low mids is introduced, adding sustain, power and a refined liquid quality.



Body thickness : 1.75" / 4.45cm

Body length: 17.3" / 44cm

Body width: 13.3" / 34cm

Back wood: One-Piece Old Growth African Mahogany

Top wood: Figured Maple


Bridge: Full Brass B&G

Tuners: Gotoh - GB528


Nut width: 1.62” / 41.3mm

Fret 1 Thickness : 0.87” / 22mm

Fret 12 Thickness : 0.95” / 24mm

Scale length: 34”

Neck Joint: Fret 15

Neck wood: One-Piece Old Growth African Mahogany (Honduran Mahogany available for $300)

Fingerboard: Old Growth Indian Rosewood, 20-year air-dried (Brazilian Rosewood available for $450)

Fretwire : 155 / 154 (Narrow Tall / Medium)

Inlay: Pearloid

Neck shape:

B&G soft V
B&G soft V


Potentiometers: cts500k / cts250k

Pickups: Aguilar Humbuckers (AG 4SD-D1) / Aguilar Single (AG 4SS-D1)


7 - 7.7 lbs / 3200-3500 gr


44.88” / 1140mm