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Frequently Asked Questions


I live in Australia / Canada / Hong Kong / Singapore / Russia / Sweden / Peru.
What would be the shipping cost?
As a company policy the price includes express shipping to anywhere in the world.
Do you accept credit cards?
We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express for an additional fee of 3%. The alternative is using wire transfer with no fee. We have a bank account in Palo-Alto, California in order to make it fast, easy and cheap for US customers to pay by wire.
Do I have to pay customs to get the guitar?
Thanks to a free-trade agreement between Israel and the US, the EU, Canada, Iceland, Norway, Mexico & Switzerland, there's no import duty for receiving a guitar in those countries. However, local VAT or sales tax may apply.

For example:
United States : Tax-Free.
European Union : Add VAT
Switzerland : VAT
Canada : GST + PST.
Australia : 5% Duty + GST.
South Africa : VAT
Japan : Consumption Tax

Additional charges may include handling fees and/or inbound duties and taxes, depending on your country and the value of the guitar. Please click here for more information.
How do I get to select my top?
After sanding all tops for the batch, we shall send you pictures to choose from. All tops are beautiful - this is guaranteed.
Can you do a P90 in the neck position and a Humbucker for the bridge?
We don't like the outcome of this combination, and therefore we don't build Little Sisters this way.
Is there a tonal difference between the cutaway and the non-cutaway?
The non-cutaway model has a thicker body and therefore slightly warmer sound. The cutaway is a bit leaner and meaner.
Is there a tonal difference with the single piece top?
No. The difference is only aesthetic.
Can I order a Bigsby on the Little Sister?
We don't ship out guitars with a Bigsby, but your local guitar tech can easily install it for you.
Are the P-90's reverse wound to hum cancel in the middle position?
No. They are wound in the same techniques it has been done in the 50's.
Can I receive pictures of my guitar build process?
Once the build starts we will send an occasional newsletter with updates and pictures from the build process of your guitar. We also post a lot on Facebook, follow us.
Can I pay by installments?
We can spread the full payment over the waiting period. Contact us for details.
What is the cancellation policy?
Before starting your build: Refund 90% of your deposit.
After starting your build: Refund 90% of the deposit if we manage to sell the guitar for its full price.
Otherwise there'll be no refund or only a partial refund.


Do you use Maple veneer?
Nope. We use solid figured maple for the top.
What's the difference between wax potted pickups and unpotted pickups?
Originally, all pickups were unpotted. Most vintage pickups have their unique sound and dynamics thanks to being microphonic, changing and aging.
For our Private Build guitars we make unpotted pickups, in order to maintain the vintage feel and dynamics which is sought after by many guitar players and for a true historic legendary sound.
Wax Potted Pickups are quieter, have less vibrating parts and are non-microphonic. They have different dynamics and can have a warmer sound. The potted pickups tend to have less feedback in high gain and high volume modes. The wax coats and shields the pickup wires, making it less affected by the environment and more durable.
Can I install B&G wound P-90’s, or even B&G wound Humbuckers in the Crossroads down the road?
The Little Sister Crossroads is fully compatible with our hand-wound P90s, so yes - you'll be able to order B&G P90s separately and install them.
The hand-wound P-90's are superb for warmer clean and semi-driven picking. If you're more into powerful overdrive then we recommend sticking with the Crossroads pickups, which are raunchier than the Private Build and less microphonic.

We are also working on a Humbucker version that will retrofit the Crossroads, and they'll be available soon.
Where's the Crossroads being made?
The Little Sister Crossroads series is made in China, by one of the oldest and most reputable manufacturers in Asia. The electronics and pickups are made in Korea.
Can you send me additional accessories/parts/hard case with my order?
After being examined by B&G the Crossroads guitars are sent to our logistics partners in the US and Europe for distribution. Since they are not physically with us, we can't add anything else to the box. However, we can definitely ship separately from Israel.
Can I later change the ABR bridge to the B&G Solid Brass ABR?
How can I be certain if a Little Sister is a Crossroads or a Private Build?
Check the serial number on the back of the headstock. If it begins with "CR" then it is a Crossroads.